Must be 18 years old. 

Must have their own motorcycle 500cc or larger (No Scooters) and show you can ride.  A girlfriend, or boyfriend may become a Supporter Only. 

Must be able to commit themselves to a way of life in which they can help out themselves, their brothers/sisters, and their community. 

Must show Sincere, Dedicated Loyal interest in the club. Must be in good standing with the club and its members and in terms of good conduct.   Probationary time will be required to show commitment to the Club and demonstrate the ability to fit in.This is the time to see if you are a right fit for club and if the club is a right fit for you.

Prospects must be sponsored by a member in the club. Sponsor is responsible for the prospect. 

A sponsor can pull a prospects patch at their discretion but must inform the leadership. 

Prospects must attend all rides, meetings, and club functions. Attendance will be taken,

Attendance should avg.50% to 75% min. For the year.

Provisions with proper notification to the club executives will be made for work schedules, family matters, sickness etc.  Be an active member, attend club rides and events and Have Fun...

Prospect will stand behind the club and members. Prospect will be voted in. The prospecting period will be at the club and sponsors discretion. Only the executive may hand out the patches to the prospect and this will be done at a Dedicated Few RC meeting, with all patch holders present. 

Under no circumstance can you belong to or be registered with another club at the same time as prospecting for the Dedicated Few RC 

Our Patch is not handed out...Membership is NOT given to just anyone...OUR

Patch IS EARNED...Through Membership, Loyalty and your Dedication to the club.

If interested in prospecting, send us a message on our Contact page above, and we will get back to you. 


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